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About Laura

Jan-and-Laura Eight years ago, my life felt on track. I was living down in Panama having the time of my life when I received news of the tragic loss of my dear mother.

Like a robot responding to an emergency, I immediately went into survival mode. I was getting by day to day, listlessly going through the motions — pretending to be normal, but inside I felt like a part of me had died.

The previous me who was vivacious, contagiously happy, and fearless had gone into hiding and had been replaced by a version of me who was unrecognizable – scared, sad, isolated, confused, and powerless.

After about a year of operating in this manner, a small part of me woke up and decided that this was not the way I wanted to live my life. If I only get one life on Earth, I couldn’t spend it like this.

While part of me felt defeated and hopeless, there was a tiny ember glimmering deep inside of me that wasn’t willing to merely survive anymore. While the hope to thrive started small, day after day I found ways to re-discover who I was without my mom. I set my sights on getting back to the old me because no one told me that the new me had the opportunity to be even better.

I have to share something with you, as the survivor of loss you have a unique opportunity to be better than the old you. When we experience loss, there is a natural stripping away that happens. Just as the ground after a fire is the most fertile place for growth, our life after loss has the potential for a new beginning that we never thought possible. Our priorities become clear, and we have the chance to be our most authentic, best self. We get the chance to choose love and joy instead of fear and pain.

Suffering from a broken heart, no matter the cause, is extraordinarily painful. While survival is imperative, it is not where you want to live. If you are like I was, and you feel that tiny ember burning deep inside that isn’t willing to spend the rest of your life merely surviving, please reach out to me and introduce yourself. It isn’t about being healed, it is about baby steps, simple actions, simple choices…each day.

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I am humbled to be part of your healing journey, and feel so lucky to have you as part of this loving, compassionate, supportive community!

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Download my 7 Days to Thriving eBook for FREE. Also included are bonus materials to begin your journey from Surviving to Thriving.

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Grief Recovery Outreach in the Austin area. Attend this new 2 1/2 day Weekend Workshop in Austin.

This interactive workshop will be a safe place to examine what you’ve been taught about loss, to explore your beliefs about grief, and will guide you in completing a set of actions that will enable you to move forward in your life with hope. Once equipped with these tools, you will be able to work through other losses that you may have experienced in your past.

Who is it for?

Anyone who suffers from grief no matter what the cause. There are over 40 loss experiences including death, divorce, moving, pet loss, change in financial status and loss of trust.

If you:

  • Have experienced any of these losses
  • Have a broken heart
  • And want to feel better

This workshop is for you. –> Register below to attend the workshop on December 11, 12 and 13th, 2015

Surviving to Thriving Private Coaching Experience

When life feels hard, we feel like we have exhausted our resources, and doing it alone seems scary, having a coach who can walk alongside you on your journey can be a lifesaver.

Private coaching is a powerful experience that offers the highest level of support, accountability and transformation. I will help you get clear on what it means to thrive in your life and subsequently guide you as you take baby steps to get there. I am a master at holding a vision for yourself and your life that you aren’t always able to hold for yourself.

Since you are likely finding me after a loss or during transition, rest assured that I will hold your hand, acknowledge your experience, and support you as you take steps to discover who you are now.

While I do work both in person and virtually, I only accept a few clients at a time for this intimate, powerful work. I show up at 100% for each client and offer my presence, my ears, my expertise, and my resources. To qualify for one of my 1-1 coaching mentorships, you must be willing to show up with an open heart, an open mind, a willingness to change, and a willingness to take action.

As we make this commitment to each other, I promise to love you as you move from Surviving to Thriving in all areas of your life. If you are interested in working with me directly, click below to apply.


The ABCs of Surviving to Thriving will start you on your healing journey. Transition, loss and grief can feel permanent and painful. The thought of thriving may even feel impossible.
However, once you choose the journey toward thriving, you will learn valuable tools to help you take baby steps each day toward a life with more energy, love, and joy – and less pain and isolation.
  • Lesson 1 – Acknowledge
    • We must acknowledge where we have come from, our story, and appreciate where we are, our survival, in order to get to where we want to be – Thriving.
  • Lesson 2 – Baby Steps
    • We must commit to try anything that will move us toward thriving. This means that everyday we take baby steps to care for ourselves – body, heart and mind – so we can begin living life again.
  • Lesson 3 – Create from the Core
    • We must reconnect with who we are at the core so we can create a life that serves who we are now.
  • Lesson 4 – Discover your Plan
    • We must understand what we want in order to move toward it. With our new tools we will create a plan for thriving.


  • Audios
  • Coinciding workbooks and exercises
  • Healthy snack list
  • Recommended book and resource list
  • Inspiring interviews from Project Inspire

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During this 8-week group experience, you will have the opportunity to be in community with others who have experienced loss and who want the next chapter of their lives to be full of life and light. Just as the land after a fire is most fertile, so is our life after loss primed for growth and new meaning.
This experience takes you on a journey to discover who you are now and who you want to be moving forward. This holistic approach to healing and thriving after loss will also allow you to be witnessed and supported as you make these shifts within yourself.
HERE ARE THE STEPS OF YOUR PROGRAM, but get this, we start with the end in mind:
  • T – Thrive
    • The word thrive means different things to different people. During this initial step, we determine what it means for you to thrive. If we don’t know what thriving looks like or how it feels, it can be challenging to arrive there.
  • H – Harness your Passions
    • At this stage, we are going to reconnect with the core of who we are so we can recognize the activities, people, and behaviors that energize us now.
  • G – Give Yourself Pure Nourishment
    • During this step it is important to fill ourselves with all things good and positive, thus crowding out anything or anyone that is preventing our healing. This includes healthy food, movement, breathing, meditation, affirmations, and massage that will boost our immune system, reduce our stress, and allow us the health and energy that it requires to heal and thrive.
  • I Initiate Forgiveness of Self and Others
    • Unfortunately, when we experience loss we can feel guilt, fear, and pain. The goal of this step is to create perspective. If we are going to move forward, we have to accept ourselves, others, and our circumstances. We will begin the shift from judgement to love so we can hold on to the memories without the pain.
  • L – Loving the Now
    • This step is all about being in the present moment because it is all we really have. It is about letting the love in; learning how to ask for what you need and being willing to receive it. Loving the now is about being able to thrive in your present life in just the way you want.


  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Weekly audios
  • Coinciding workbooks and exercises
  • Supportive online community
  • Weekly motivational emails
  • Recommended book and resource list

Guess what? By the time you get to the L, you are looking up at the LIGHT and seasoned in the art of thriving. Look at you!

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