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You’ve recently experienced a major loss in your life.  Perhaps you have lost someone you love, gone through a divorce, ended a romantic relationship or friendship, lost a pet or are in a major life transition.  Whatever the loss, you feel like you are just surviving one day at a time.  You want to feel like you again, or better yet, an even better version of you.  But you just don’t know where to start or even how to start.  

I’m here to guide you in getting started on not just surviving but thriving.

I’m Laura Jack, and this is the Light After Loss community. Welcome home.

Seven years ago, I was blissfully happy, having the time of my life in Panama when I received news of the tragic loss of my beautiful mother. Like a robot responding to an emergency, I immediately went into survival mode.  I was getting by day to day, listlessly going through the motions of eating, showering, and pretending to be a normal human being, but inside I felt like a zombie – and I bet I looked like one too.  

The previous me who was vivacious, contagiously happy, and fearless had gone into hiding and had been replaced by a version of me who was unrecognizable – scared, sad, isolated, confused, and powerless.  

After about a year of operating in zombie mode,  I decided that I couldn’t take it anymore.  If I only get one life on Earth, I couldn’t spend it like this, as I would be doing my mom, myself and this world a terrible injustice.

So, I made a decision: I wasn’t going to merely survive anymore; I was ready to thrive.  I became determined to do whatever it takes to find myself again.  I set my sights on getting back to the old me because no one told me that the new me had the opportunity to be even better. 

I have to share something with you: as the survivor of loss, you have a unique opportunity to be better than the old you. When we experience loss, there is a natural stripping away of the unnecessary.  Our priorities become clear; I call this burning away the bull$#!t.

That leaves us with a choice: Will I be bitter or will I be better?  I chose to be better.  What will you choose?

Losing someone you love is extraordinarily painful.  Stay in survival mode as long as you need, but when you are ready to thrive in your life, please reach out to me and introduce yourself.  I promise I won’t make you move too quickly.  Baby steps, simple actions, simple choices…each day.

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I am humbled to be part of your healing journey, and we feel so lucky to have you as part of this loving, compassionate, supportive community!

To thriving,


Laura S. Jack


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