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If you are here it is likely that you have experienced a major loss in your life.  Perhaps you have lost someone you love, gone through a divorce, ended a romantic relationship or friendship, lost a pet or are in a major life transition. Whatever the loss, you feel like you are just surviving one day at a time.  

While we must appreciate the present, even if it is just survival, there is a desire to feel like you again, or better yet, an even better version of you.    

If you are still reading it means that you are hopeful (even if is just a small part of you) that there is light after loss.

I’m Laura Jack, and this is the Surviving to Thriving community. Welcome to a place where you are not judged for your sadness, anger, or inability to shower.  Whatever you are feeling is exactly right.  

Eight years ago, my life felt on track.  I was living down in Panama having the time of my life when I received news of the tragic loss of my dear mother. Like a robot responding to an emergency, I immediately went into survival mode.  I was getting by day to day, listlessly going through the motions — pretending to be normal, but inside I felt like a part of me had died.  Jan and Laura

The previous me who was vivacious, contagiously happy, and fearless had gone into hiding and had been replaced by a version of me who was unrecognizable – scared, sad, isolated, confused, and powerless.  

After about a year of operating in this manner,  a small part of me woke up and decided that this was not the way I wanted to live my life.  If I only get one life on Earth, I couldn’t spend it like this.

While part of me felt defeated and hopeless, there was a tiny ember glimmering deep inside of me that wasn’t willing to merely survive anymore.  While the hope to thrive started small, day after day I found ways to re-discover who I was without my mom.  I set my sights on getting back to the old me because no one told me that the new me had the opportunity to be even better. 

I have to share something with you, as the survivor of loss you have a unique opportunity to be better than the old you. When we experience loss, there is a natural stripping away that happens.  Just as the ground after a fire is the most fertile place for growth, our life after loss has the potential for a new beginning that we never thought possible. Our priorities become clear, and we have the chance to be our most authentic, best self.  We get the chance to choose love and joy instead of fear and pain.  

Suffering from a broken heart, no matter the cause, is extraordinarily painful.  While survival is imperative, it is not where you want to live.  If you are like I was, and you feel that tiny ember burning deep inside that isn’t willing to spend the rest of your life merely surviving, please reach out to me and introduce yourself.  It isn’t about being healed, it is about baby steps, simple actions, simple choices…each day.

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I am humbled to be part of your healing journey, and we feel so lucky to have you as part of this loving, compassionate, supportive community!

To thriving,


Laura S. Jack, Grief Recovery Specialist® and Mastery Level Transformational Life Coach


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