Your Loss is Enough

“You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.”
-Maya Angelou

So often I hear people say things like, “I went through a terrible divorce, but hers is worse because her husband died.”

Or someone says, “I only lost my job, but I can’t feel bad because there are people out there who are starving.”

​While appreciating someone else’s challenge or grief experience can bring perspective to your life, it is also
important to acknowledge and validate your own experience.

The thing is, your loss is important to you. It is your life. It is what you’re going through. And you’re the only one
who lives in your body, heart, and mind.

Ultimately, compare leads to despair. No one wins when we judge other people’s losses or our own.

If we say, “yours is worse,” we diminish our own loss and we potentially isolate them.

If we say, “mine is worse,” we diminish their loss and we isolate ourselves.

Your loss is enough. You are enough. And that is that.

​ ​If we can be compassionate toward ourselves by acknowledging our own story, it is much easier to be compassionate
toward others.

Remember, give from full rather than empty… and that includes honoring your own grief experience.

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