When It Hurts So Much…

Does it feel like we are constantly being bombarded with bad news? Where should we donate our time, energy and money when there is just one thing after another?

Do you help with Harvey, Irma, Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, or the fires in California? And what about your own personal hardships or those of your friends and family?

I had a great interview with meditation expert Kelvin Chin last week about how meditation can help us deal with the daily challenges we face. Click here for the replay or visit Kelvin’s website to learn more about how his process of turning within ​​​​can help ​​us face the world.

Maybe part of you is trying to be grateful for your life because so many people are suffering right now and another part of you is feeling guilty that your life is going well.  

I just want to let you know that it is okay to feel both grief and gratitude. I have talked to a large number of people who are feeling overwhelmed with sadness and devastation for all the recent events both domestic and international.

In these trying times, it is also okay to find moments for celebration and love. It isn’t all one or the other. It is both and everything in between. 

What we must do is Acknowledge the hardship, not ignore it. Acknowledge all of our feelings, not ignore them. Acknowledge those who are suffering, not ignore them. 

And take action in any way you can. Whether that is merely taking a moment to send love and thoughts, sending a donation, being a listening ear, or volunteering your time… Coming together is what we need.

The other thing we must do is continue living and finding the beauty in life. It is easy to focus only on everything terrible that is happening… I know I can spiral there. However, we must also be on the look out for beauty, for life, for love, for celebration, and for what we are grateful for… Just don’t forget to acknowledge ALL of it. The pain and the pleasure. The sorrow and the joy. 

Life is messy and complicated, AND it is also beautiful.

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