Today Is All We Have

Who inspires you? Who is someone you would love to meet if you had the chance? 

Recently I heard a woman say that she thought all of her problems would disappear when she hit her ideal weight.  However, when she got there, she realized that she was still the same person with a lower number on the scale.  This really struck me because I think we all have something we strive for that we think will make everything better.  

The truth is that if we wait to be happy until we lose the weight, receive a promotion, buy a new car or house, find our soul mate, have a baby… we may be waiting a life time.  

If we rely on the outside world to bring happiness or satisfaction, we may never get there.  

I am not saying don’t have goals or dreams.  It is great to have goals and dreams.  What I am saying is that you must live in the present.  Enjoy where you are because the present is all we really have.  As Byron Katie says, the past is over and the future has yet to arrive, therefore all we have is today.

I loved what one of my clients said, “I want to focus on the action not the outcome.”
Get into action.  If you have a broken heart, don’t wait for “one day” to come when you will feel better.  Do something about it.  

If you want to lose the weight, don’t wait to start eating healthy until some arbitrary start day (like the New Year). Do it now.  Every moment is a moment to change.

Remember when I asked you who inspires you? Who was it? What was it about them? If you could borrow some of whatever they have that inspired you, what would you do?  

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