Terry Haling, Denver, CO

My daughter was killed in a crash four years ago. I thought I’d managed to contain my grief fairly quickly, then an incident happened six months ago that brought it all back. I was shaken and overwhelmed at the time; once again I thought I handled the problem quickly. But I started to become anxious and depressed much of the time and angered easily. Even though I’ve been seeing a therapist for years, I was feeling worse. Then my wife suggested I contact Laura Jack, whom she highly respects (and loves) from working with her as a coach a few years back. I can’t describe how grateful I am for the difference Laura has made in my life.

Laura is so amazing – she quickly helped me understand how the incident resurfaced the grief that I hadn’t effectively dealt with years ago, and began working with me to channel and manage my feelings in a constructive and healing way.  I feel incredibly better.  My wife has commented so many times how well I’m doing now.  I can’t recommend Laura highly enough. You’ll find her extremely smart, wise, sensitive, intuitive and experienced, but I think the real key was that I felt I could implicitly trust Laura – someone I could open up to and share, good and bad, just like a lifelong best friend.

– Terry Haling, Denver, CO

Laura Jack