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Client Success Stories




All of these clients were very dedicated, followed the The Marriage Upgrade to the letter, invested time and energy, and overcame multiple challenges to achieve these results. Your relationship is unique, you are unique, and so your results will be unique.

We are very proud of all of these amazing women.

Meet Cassie


Listen here to an audio from one of our recent clients, Cassie, who at the time of this recording, was three weeks into "The Marriage Upgrade" Program.

"I just wanted to say that today is genuinely one of the best days of my life."


Listen to Cassie's testimonial interview after her recent graduation from "The Marriage Upgrade."

"The Marriage Upgrade is literally the best thing I have ever done for myself in my life. I am so grateful." 

Q & A questions with Cassie include:  

  • What is going well for you right now? Where are you now and tell us where you were before you started.

  • How did you make the decision to invest in yourself?

  • How quickly after you started the program did you start to notice a difference in yourself and your relationship?

  • Did you feel supported going through the challenging reflections? What are the components that had you feeling supported?

  • How were the weekly coaching calls for you?

  • Being a practical person, how did you handle some of the alternative, out-of-your-comfort-zone methods?

  • If someone where considering doing The Marriage Upgrade but are feeling timid or scared, what would you say to them?

  • Can you describe some of the benefits you have seen in your marriage or in your life through the program and even now? And for your kids as well?

  • How are you now handing the frustrations you used to have with your husband?

  • Do you feel like your husband is more excited to be with you? The "in-love" pieces that you feel like you were missing before?

  • If someone feels like their relationship is disconnected, do you feel like The Marriage Upgrade can still help them?

  • Did eight weeks seem like a feasible enough time for these results? Were you surprised?


Meet Kimberly


Kimberly talks about the idea of doing SOMETHING to fix her marriage instead of just complaining and waiting for it to fix itself.

“We were just drifting apart and all I was doing is complaining! Saying, we have no connection, we're not laughing anymore, it's not fun... Your program is EXACTLY for that."

In this interview we check in with Kimberly after she had just graduated from "The Marriage Upgrade."

We talk about her experience in order to have some insight into what was like for her to go from feeling "stuck," to living a life she truly desires. 

"Do something different in order to get a different result."

In our discussion we ask Kimberly:

  • Where were you on your journey when you found The Marriage Upgrade?

  • When you found us and looking at making a change in your life, what were the top two or three things that make you say to yourself, “I just gotta do something?”

  • Because this program is high intensity, how did you get to your “Yes” when there were a few factors that were a little scary? (Including the financial investment factor!)

  • After you enrolled and you began to create a strategy forward, how did you start to see results in your life and your marriage?

  • Were there any more “A-Ha” moments after the weeks progressed?

  • What have you noticed is different in your other relationships? (Your parents, kids, etc.)

  • Do you think your kids have noticed the changes in you and your husband?

  • Do you feel more equipped to handle the responsibilities of your children’s emotional well being at this point?

  • Where do you see yourself now vs when you started. Where you feel incredibly proud of yourself?

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Meet Jill


Listen to Jill, in her own words describe why she decided to participate in "The Marriage Upgrade."

“This was the most important experience of my life in where I want to go.” 

Warning: Prepare to be inspired. When Jill found us she was stuck in anxiety, panic, fear, isolation, frustration, and worried about how to best support herself, her husband, and her family in a time huge stressful life changes.  

Watch this interview to learn how she broke free and did more in eight weeks than she had in years towards transforming her life and her marriage.

In our discussion we ask Jill:

  • How did you find the program? Where were you in your life that lead you here?

  • What were the feelings you were having (in surviving each day, trouble connecting) before you entered The Marriage Upgrade?

  • When you scheduled your call with Laura, was it a tough decision to enroll? How did you know it was the right time?

  • In those first few weeks, we got clear on your goals and what outcome you wanted by the end of the program. How did you first start to see the results in our own life and marriage?

  • As the program progressed, what were some of your next ‘a-ha’ moments or shifts?

  • How did this also affect your family and the other people in your life?


Meet Mallory


Mallory offers words of wisdom to women who are thinking about enrolling in (or are just beginning)"The Marriage Upgrade."

"I get to walk away from this experience knowing that I am the best version of myself that I can be at this point in my life."

After discoving infidelity in her relationship and trying counseling, Mallory was at a crossroads in her life. Listen to her full experience after being only 12 weeks removed from the start of her program. 

"There definitely is a light at the end of the tunnel as long as you keep making yourself go towards it."

Q & A topics with Mallory include:  

  • What lead you to listening to our masterclass and choosing to make an appointment and choosing to say ‘yes?’ Where were you on your journey when we found you?

  • Laura speaks about making a really hard decision in the moment of anger.

  • Do you recall what you wanted to achieve (your goals) by the end of the program? Did you think when we started (the program) that it was possible?

  • Over the course of the ten weeks that we had with you, we felt this ‘softness and joy' return to you. Closer to the end of the program, tell us about the way that you and your husband were interacting then?

  • How do you feel like this has impacted your son?

  • It’s been 11.5 weeks since you signed up and first started this process (at the time of this recording), how do you feel today? How are things now with your husband?

  • Mallory speaks to entering into marriage counseling after she went through "The Marriage Upgrade" and the counselors shock at her transformation in such a short amount of time.

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The Voices of Other Amazing Clients

“I am so incredibly thankful for the tools I have learned in The Marriage Upgrade. I still can’t believe how far my mindset has shifted in just a few short weeks. I’ve grown so much it’s unreal. I am remembering who Jason and I used to be and most importantly I am seeing a new version of us free from the patterns of the past.  

My husband even told me Saturday night on our date (our little impromptu date that I surprised him on- that turned out to be awesome!), he told me he would even be willing to go to a Tony Robbins conference with me. I NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS would have thought that he would want to do that! The power of positive thinking is incredible.”  


Ariel Blackwood.png

This lady is freakin brilliant! Her insight is unmatched; creativity drips from her words and she holds an ability to relate that is beyond explanatory capabilities. She has truly changed my life in a way that I haven't time or room or even the ability to explain here, but it is vast."  

"She is raw and real and her method does not cut corners. I am grateful for the opportunity to know Laura; she is one of the most impactful people in my life presently. If you are seeking a life that is rich and full of color and joy, one of thriving rather than surviving, Laura Jack's coaching is the ultimate path to such."  

~Ariel Blackwood


"I decided to take this journey on my own and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. Laura is incredibly trustworthy and nonjudgmental. There was never a moment of uneasiness because she welcomed me with open arms and listened to everything I had to say.  

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me. I'm in a completely different mindset then where I started 8 weeks ago. And I feel like I am finally in a position to start being the person I have wanted to be for so long. It was one of the scariest decisions that I have made for myself in quite a long time, but it was worth every moment. Thank you for your beautiful soul and the work that you do to heal others."  

- Chandler Raymond


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I’m Laura Jack

I'm an expert in healing relationships through compassionate communication, and author of the international bestseller, The Compassion Code.  

I am also the founder of The Marriage Upgrade, my signature, transformational coaching program that provides in-depth training for Super Moms on exactly how to become the Emotional Leader in their life and take their existing marriage to its fullest potential.  

Perhaps my favorite part is being a mom to Ayla and Kai and married to Aaron, my co-creator of this extraordinary life. Originally from Sugar Land, Texas, I really consider myself a global nomad. After living in Atlanta, Costa Rica, Chile, Brazil, Panama, Seattle, Austin, and traveling all over the world, we moved to Hood River, Oregon to experience the epic beauty of the Pacific Northwest.  

We love to explore, travel, and experience the world. When we are home, Aaron and I love to take walks, host dinner parties, play with my kids, have coffee dates, plan our next trip, watch fun shows, and just hang.  

In truth, I love my work. I absolutely LOVE what I do. I love connecting deeply with people who are committed to thriving in their lives no matter what they have been through. My days are full, and I feel so grateful to be a witness and a guide on this transformational journey. Losing my mom in 2008 led me on this path, and she inspires me everyday.