I recently attended a training in Atlanta given by Laura Jack. I lost my son five years ago. I tried to break down in front of others initially but they would not allow that. I was told I was strong and God chose me to go through this. It was a sudden unexpected death that rocked me. I began to adopt the academy award performance for others. I was extremely uncomfortable showing emotions which led to five miserable years. On top of that, I have a daughter with a life threatening illness that I was afraid to lose. I would not even deal with that. I'm an LCSW who counsels others but was neglecting myself causing me to feel like a fraud. I did not expect for recovery to begin for me during this training. I was so quiet the first day because we were touching on a lot of emotions that were inside me but I was not ready to trust - the thing I asked my clients to do. As I watched the way Ms. Jack shared her experience and allowed the group to open their arms and hearts to acceptance of each of feelings, I let go. I cried uncontrollably in the lobby of the hotel in front of a number of people as I wrote my letter to my daughter. It felt so good to release. Ms. Jack helped us all. We all agreed that experience was like no other. I am so excited to begin this work with grievers because I know it works. Thank u Ms. Jack and the Institute!!!!

- Trish F., Atlanta, GA