Nervous and anxious - those were my strongest feelings when we gathered to attend the Grief Recovery Method  workshop.  I am not the type to share my deep, personal feelings with others, especially strangers. I am a doer, not someone that needs to talk.  But almost 4 years after my son's death by suicide, I had found no other way through my pain and was desperate to find a way to move forward. And I found my path forward that weekend.  I am so grateful to Laura Jack for going above and beyond to hold the event in Austin.  It wound up being a life changing weekend for me. I did read the book prior to the workshop - but walking through the process with others and hearing their stories was vital for me to actually process some of the feelings I had been holding on to for years.  I can honestly say that after the completion of the workshop driving home, I felt lighter in spirit than I had in a very long time. I am so thankful to Laura and the other participants for being so honest and supportive.  I would highly recommend the Grief Recovery Workshop if you are stuck in your grief and want to move forward.  I still get sad, still cry - but I am not stuck in that dark place anymore. Laura was very supportive and made everyone feel completely at ease.  She has a very unique way of creating a space that allowed us to feel comfortable sharing with her, and with each other.  It almost felt like we created our own little pocket of time that helped us heal.  Laura seemed truly concerned with helping us in learning to overcome our own particular form of grief.  I would definitely work with Laura again and would recommend her services to my friends and family.

- Laura Ramos, San Antonio, TX