My expectations coming in to the workshop were limited. I was looking to feel lighter and less burdened by unresolved conflict and communication in some of my closest, yet most complicated, relationships. I had doubts about going to the training because these people were still alive - was I actually grieving? Would grief recovery help? I wasn't sure, but Laura assured me it would. The workshop exceeded my expectations. I feel like I truly put the past behind me and was able to let go of resentment, shame, blame, guilt (aka grief!) that I've been holding on to for years. Laura compassionately guided the group through some of the most painful but freeing extrication of our most stagnant emotions. Having her share her story and understand that she went through the same process was comforting and motivating because she is truly as example of what it looks like to thrive. Most importantly, I feel like I left with tools to always choosing "thriving" in my life. I think this workshop should be required for every human. We're not often taught how to process our emotions as adults and by completing this workshop you'll learn how to free yourself from the burdensome feelings we can hold on to for years. Whether you lost a loved one or have any unresolved communication with anyone in your life, this workshop is for you.

- Jackie Vecchio, Austin, TX