I found Laura on Yelp and am so grateful that I did. I was struggling to work through the loss of a relationship that left me feeling devastated and broken. I had tried traditional therapy to process my situation but wasn't getting the results I needed. That's when I found Laura. Her approach is straightforward and it works if you're willing to do the work. I was skeptical at first because I couldn't understand how I would be able to think about my situation without a broken heart, but that's exactly what happened. I'm now able to remember the good times for what they were without being pulled down the rabbit hole of focusing on the painful loss I experienced. For a time after, I was waiting for 'the other shoe to drop' but it never has. It's a very surreal experience that has now become normal. Laura is warm, compassionate, authentic, and just has a positive energy because she's clearly doing what she loves to do and is very good at it. If you're experiencing grief or are stuck, I'd highly recommend that you call her. She also answers her own phone, which caught me off guard, but also set the tone for how committed she is to helping people find completeness with their grief so that they can be free in their lives. Meeting with Laura was a pivotal moment in my life and I'm so thankful that people like her are out there.

- Chris B., Austin, TX