I lost my wife of 7 years suddenly in October of 2013. I was lost, and deep in grief. I came across Laura's website.  Laura is a wonderful person who truly cares deeply about her mission in life. The mission of helping others heal through their grief. Within the first two weeks of Laura's Surviving to Thriving program, I had already seen a transformation in my life. I feel that the True Me has awakened, and I learned about grief, learning it is ok to feel however I feel. I am even taking care of myself and working out! I can say that Laura's love for her work, and the people she works with will make you NOT want to give up.  When I started the program I was a lost puppy in an ocean of grief. Now I have a ship that I can sail through this ocean of grief and navigate to any port I choose. This program made me feel alive again, I feel the hope deep inside that I am beginning to Thrive, and I am excited about the future.

- Andrew Regan, Winchester, MA