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Mike Hornsby

I attended a grief recovery seminar in St Louis for the purpose of learning effective ways to deal with my own grief & to open an avenue of service to others who are dealing with grief. I expected to learn some new skills & likely get more reading material. Well, I received way more than I expected & this was largely due to the coaching skills of Laura Jack. She was the epitome of what I would like to practice in helping others. Laura has such a firm grasp on all the teaching materials, she just speaks from the heart & the information just pours out in an easily digestible form. Laura is an exceptional coach & person.

– Mike Hornsby, Tulsa, OK

Ariel Blackwood

This lady is freakin brilliant. Her insight is unmatched; creativity drips from her words and she holds an ability to relate that is beyond explanatory capabilities. She has truly changed my life in a way that I haven’t time or room or even the ability to explain here, but it is vast. She is raw and real and her method does not cut corners. I am grateful for the opportunity to know Laura; she is one of the most impactful people in my life presently. If you are seeking a life that is rich and full of color and joy, one of thriving rather than surviving, Laura Jack Coaching is the ultimate path to such.

– Ariel Blackwood, Atlanta, GA

Alexandre Cerf

Rarely have I met someone as caring, genuine and compassionate as Laura. Her encouragement, feedback, honesty and support have been instrumental in so many ways that I can’t recommend anyone better if you need to make sense of tragic life events, if you want to understand yourself better and move through old and destructive patterns. She helped me get a better understanding of the grieving process, which has opened so many doors in both my personal and professional lives. She is such a great human being and I feel so lucky to have crossed her path.

– Alexandre Cerf, Los Angeles, CA

Terry Haling

My daughter was killed in a crash four years ago. I thought I’d managed to contain my grief fairly quickly, then an incident happened six months ago that brought it all back. I was shaken and overwhelmed at the time; once again I thought I handled the problem quickly. But I started to become anxious and depressed much of the time and angered easily. Even though I’ve been seeing a therapist for years, I was feeling worse. Then my wife suggested I contact Laura Jack, whom she highly respects (and loves) from working with her as a coach a few years back. I can’t describe how grateful I am for the difference Laura has made in my life.

Laura is so amazing – she quickly helped me understand how the incident resurfaced the grief that I hadn’t effectively dealt with years ago, and began working with me to channel and manage my feelings in a constructive and healing way.  I feel incredibly better.  My wife has commented so many times how well I’m doing now.  I can’t recommend Laura highly enough. You’ll find her extremely smart, wise, sensitive, intuitive and experienced, but I think the real key was that I felt I could implicitly trust Laura – someone I could open up to and share, good and bad, just like a lifelong best friend.

– Terry Haling, Denver, CO

Chris S.

Laura is such a warm and understanding person. It was a revelation talking to her about the myriad of issues that I had accumulated over the years. At first I wasn’t aware that her techniques were effective but after several months and following her instructions I have found peace of mind. It is wonderful. I am mindful that Laura is ‘there’ if at any stage I would like her support. I would recommend Laura to anyone who has issues with past and present relationships.

– Chris S., Hong Kong

Abbey Corbett

Laura Jack. OH EM GEE. I do not even have the words to express to you how much working with Laura has helped me over the last two years, but I’ll give it a shot.
Laura is a grief recovery specialist and if you’re thinking to yourself, “well what I am going through isn’t grief…” you might be surprised at how wrong you may be. As I learned with working with her, grief is about SO much more than just death. Laura taught me that grief is the conflicting feelings that come at the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behavior. So as it would seem, you, right now are grieving the loss of the life you had before and entering into a scary unknown.

Laura will not “fix” you. She will not make all of your hurt go away. She will not make you forget the life you’ve known before your loss. Instead, what she will do is give you the tools on how to deal with all of this new craziness that will become your new normal. She will encourage you to express what you’re feeling and going through. She will give you a metaphoric tool belt that you’ll fill with tools that will help you learn to navigate all of this newness and how to tell people how to deal with you. This process isn’t going to be easy, but I’m confident with Laura’s help and guidance, you will come out on top.

– Abbey Corbett, Austin, TX

Trish Magnotta

One of the most educational and heart-felt seminars I have ever attended. To now be equipped with specific effective skills to transform relationships through grief recovery is a true gift. Laura presents material in an interactive and easy to follow format. Her compassion and appreciation for this program is present in every lesson she teaches.

Her story is simply inspirational. I feel grateful beyond belief that I have learned the myths of grief and that keeping my heart at the center of this journey remains the focus of the completion process. After completing my relationship, I instantly felt emotionally lighter, brighter, and more hopeful. This program is 100% worth the investment! Laura is amazing!

– Trish Magnotta, Ocean, NJ

Joe H.

Laura understands all too well that grief must be taught and understood by the heart and not by the intellect. She is an outstanding teacher precisely because not only does she make sure that her students learn the importance of not intellectualizing grief but teaches with an understanding and compassionate heart.

Laura has that rare combination of covering an enormous amount of knowledge in a four day workshop slow enough so it is not confusing while keeping a pace that makes it fun and interesting to learn. There is no doubt in this student’s mind that Laura is doing her calling. Her teaching has touched my life. For this I am forever grateful. If you have an opportunity to attend her workshop on grief recovery, take it! You will never regret it!! Truly a magical learning experience!!!

– Joe H., Hillsborough Township, NJ

Beth Burke

The course that Laura Jack facilitated was the most empowering training I’ve been through yet.
I’m extremely grateful for having been guided through my unique minefield of unresolved grief so that I can acknowledge what’s there. Her perceptions of our strengths, our shadows, and our light were so well articulated and in such perfect timing that it was inevitable that I found and sustained my connection with my own deep KNOWING and have come away a much freer human being.

– Beth Burke, Carrboro, NC

Cindy Smith

I am so thankful that Laura Jack was our group trainer. What an incredible inspiration she is! I was inspired to dig deep into my emotional storage unit and pull out what needed to come out of storage. When I did not understand an exercise she was patient and kind as she explained the directions once again. Laura is a natural at seeing and hearing what is not being said. I absolutely love the way she ask questions. Laura’s impact on my life will benefit me and the lives I touch for years to come!

– Cindy Smith, Cartersville, GA

Pat W.

I just completed the Grief Recovery Method specialist certification course led by Laura. First, this method is like nothing I have experienced in dealing with grief. It allows the grieved to examine issues surrounding the loss (whatever that loss might be), and to gain a completeness–not a closure because for some losses there will never be closure. Laura has the rare combination of great knowledge in this area and the intuitive ability to read, acknowledge, and teach to the needs of her group. Being in a group led by her is a life affirming, life changing experience. Laura is awesome!!!

– Pat W., Austin, TX

Kelvin C.

Laura is such a great teacher and facilitator. I took her Grief Recovery Specialist certification training and she was awesome. Maybe one of the best facilitators I’ve worked with. And I’ve had experience with dozens of facilitators either in the audience or co-facilitating with them for the past 40 years in multiple disciplines. She is warm, compassionate, intuitive, and a very sharp discerning thinker. An important heart-mind-intuition combo in a strong facilitator. And she can manage time, material and people’s needs in a way that is seamless, genuine, caring, and effective. In short, Laura rocks.

– Kelvin C., Austin, TX

Jackie Banasiewicz

It was a thought-provoking and heartfelt experience to work with Laura Jack during the Grief Recover Method Training in July of 2016. Laura is one of the most genuine, open, insightful and inspiring people I have met in my lifetime, as she brings her whole and true self into the present moment creating a level of comfort that invites others to do the same. Laura’s natural style of communication and presence generates a relaxed environment in which everyone with whom she interacts feels valued and heard. Laura walks the talk, as she walks the journey with you.

– Jackie Banasiewicz, Burlington, CT

Charlotte O.

Yes, Laura is amazing and she is the epitome of compassion, empathy and intuitive responses. She is a great trainer for new Grief Recovery Specialists and she is a great “Life Couch”. She is great example of someone who has walked in your shoes and knows how to relate to so many different situations. I appreciate so much our 4 day training workshop for the Grief Recovery Method Certification. She is is definitely in tune with the 21st century while tackling the age old myths of grief and loss!

– Charlotte O., Corpus Christi, TX

Rachel R.

Laura is intuitive, compassionate, and attuned to the needs of those whom she serves. She facilitated our Grief Recovery Method Certification training with poise alongside a confident familiarity with the content. She navigates group dynamics beautifully by balancing instruction with deep listening, and was able to appropriately direct the conversation among a diverse group of participants with varied personal and professional interests in utilizing the content.

– Rachel R., Orange, CT

Chris B.

I found Laura on Yelp and am so grateful that I did. I was struggling to work through the loss of a relationship that left me feeling devastated and broken. I had tried traditional therapy to process my situation but wasn’t getting the results I needed. That’s when I found Laura. Her approach is straightforward and it works if you’re willing to do the work. I was skeptical at first because I couldn’t understand how I would be able to think about my situation without a broken heart, but that’s exactly what happened. I’m now able to remember the good times for what they were without being pulled down the rabbit hole of focusing on the painful loss I experienced. For a time after, I was waiting for ‘the other shoe to drop’ but it never has. It’s a very surreal experience that has now become normal.

Laura is warm, compassionate, authentic, and just has a positive energy because she’s clearly doing what she loves to do and is very good at it. If you’re experiencing grief or are stuck, I’d highly recommend that you call her. She also answers her own phone, which caught me off guard, but also set the tone for how committed she is to helping people find completeness with their grief so that they can be free in their lives. Meeting with Laura was a pivotal moment in my life and I’m so thankful that people like her are out there.

– Chris B., Austin, TX

Aidsand W.

Laura Jack is a committed, compassionate and omni-competent group facilitator and personal coach.

I was privileged to work with Laura for four days recently as she provided leadership for a Grief Recovery Method Certification group that I was a part gender, geography, sexual orientation and perhaps political leanings.

Laura has a unique way of making us feel at home with her and with each other. As a recently retired CEO of a national not-for-profit organization, I was delighted to meet and work with this emerging leader, learn from Laura and become inspired by her devotion to her discipline. I feel incredibly fortunate to have learned so much from her.

– Aidsand W., Collegeville, PA

Sherry Y.

I had the opportunity to attend one of Laura’s grief recovery seminars in Memphis, TN. The compassion and love just radiates from her. It was the most powerful, amazing, and heart warming seminar that I have even attended. She had us to reach deep into our heart and soul. She did not judge. She did not criticize. All she did was listen not only with her ears but her heart. The seminar had me reach deeper into my own grief so that I could forgive myself. What a healing. I feel like everybody could benefit from her seminars. You will definitely come our refreshed, healed and with a new outlook on grief. I would definitely recommend anybody to attend her seminars and see for yourself what a true grief recovery specialist should be.

– Sherry Y., Kingsport, TN

Gina B.

Working with Laura has truly changed me for the better. She’s opened my eyes to so many facets having to do with grief and how it all intertwines into other aspects in life. Her optimistic, encouraging and loving spirit is a joy to know and interact with. Her style is “real” and completely genuine.  She seems to know exactly what you need to do to get to the root of the issue within a matter of minutes of talking about it. I attended the Grief Recovery 2-day workshop and not only was I changed for the better after it, but I saw some amazing transformations in the hearts of others. I highly recommend working with her! 

– Gina B., Austin, TX

Marty H.

I just completed the grief recovery workshop this past weekend. Laura is such a blessing and you can feel that she is giving her gift to the world!! I lost my sister in 2010 tragically and then my Dad 10 months later. I divorced within the next year and half and finally lost my Mom in 2014. I ran really hard away from these deaths only to keep finding myself stuck on a repeated cycle that I didn’t quite know how to get out of. A friend recommended this workshop and I kept making excuses not to go for over a year, but finally had enough of the hurt and sadness and jumped in. I’m so glad I did! The tools make all the difference and the redefinition of how we see grief is transformational!!! I highly recommend this workshop for anyone experiencing any type of loss- I promise you will NOT regret doing this for yourself!!

– Marty H., Austin, TX

Susana Morell

I attended the certification training with Laura, she is phenomenal! If you are looking for the opportunity for personal and professional growth this is the ideal training. Laura is an extraordinary guide/trainer. She gives you lots of love and support to work through unresolved grief. Her genuine patience and experience is very evident throughout the training. It is truly a life changing experience. Not only, do walk away feeling liberated but you meet wonderful human beings in the process.

– Susana Morell, Houston, TX

Trish F.

I recently attended a training in Atlanta given by Laura Jack. I lost my son five years ago. I tried to break down in front of others initially but they would not allow that. I was told I was strong and God chose me to go through this. It was a sudden unexpected death that rocked me. I began to adopt the academy award performance for others. I was extremely uncomfortable showing emotions which led to five miserable years. On top of that, I have a daughter with a life threatening illness that I was afraid to lose. I would not even deal with that. I’m an LCSW who counsels others but was neglecting myself causing me to feel like a fraud. I did not expect for recovery to begin for me during this training. I was so quiet the first day because we were touching on a lot of emotions that were inside me but I was not ready to trust – the thing I asked my clients to do. As I watched the way Ms. Jack shared her experience and allowed the group to open their arms and hearts to acceptance of each of feelings, I let go. I cried uncontrollably in the lobby of the hotel in front of a number of people as I wrote my letter to my daughter. It felt so good to release. Ms. Jack helped us all. We all agreed that experience was like no other. I am so excited to begin this work with grievers because I know it works. Thank u Ms. Jack and the Institute!!!!

– Trish F., Atlanta, GA

Shannon Tuimaleliifano

There are some people who are “good” at what they do and are effective at teaching a process; then there are those who are “gifted” in what they do and guide you beautifully through an experience. Laura has a very natural and intuitive ability to delve as deep as (and often deeper than) individuals are prepared to go to expose loss/pain that needs to be addressed to find the freedom of peace. Sometimes you pay for prestige, sometimes for a label/title – sometimes, as in Laura’s case, you pay for the kind of quality that makes you feel fortunate to have discovered it. Going forward, I am excited to have uncovered a renewed sense of purpose. Thank you Laura for sharing your gift in an area where it is truly needed – the heart.

– Shannon Tuimaleliifano, Land O Lakes, FL

Jeff Ogden

Laura taught me the importance of taking care of ME first. I worked with Laura for almost a year. We began with the intention of adding stability and structure to my daily life, but it grew into so much more. Over the course of our sessions, not only did my daily routine improve, but I also saw tremendous growth in many other aspects of my life. Laura gave me many tools and techniques over the course of our time together to alleviate my sleep deprivation, as well as diminish my anxiety and stress.  She gently guided me in a more fulfilling direction and helped me discover the saboteurs that were once jeopardizing my decisions, relationships, and ultimately my happiness.

– Jeff Ogden, Austin, TX

Cheyenne R.

Working with Laura, I’ve replaced my blanket of fear with a quilt of comfort. There are so many wonderful things to say about her and our time together.  I came to Laura keenly aware of all the areas where my life could use improvement, yet as a result of our work, I’ve grown far beyond what I thought was possible for myself.  I’ve truly made very real and permanent life changes.

In our work together, we greatly concentrated on ways to shift my focus from work fulfillment to life fulfillment, which has had a tremendously positive impact on my levels of stress and anxiety.  I also learned valuable techniques that helped me resolve my biggest fears around my relationship with select family members. These were once huge, life-interfering obstacles that blanketed many aspects of of my life. Laura has helped me remove these obstacles so I can live a rich and fulfilling life. What a treasure! I have so much heartfelt gratitude for the way she has left her mark on my life.

– Cheyenne R., Austin, TX

Kerri S.

Laura Jack’s healing program gave me the outlet, tools and guidance to get through the most difficult time in my life.  Many people have asked me how I have managed the loss of my spouse. At first, I just wanted to avoid the overwhelming emotions of my loss. With Laura’s help, I was able to acknowledge and cope with those emotions. Her connection is so sincere and the environment she creates is relaxing, positive and without judgment. I was impressed with the helpfulness of her recovery information and exercises that I would have never thought of doing for myself. The “heartwork” was key for me. Focusing only a few hours a week during her course, now helps me every day.

– Kerri S.  Austin, TX

Andrew Regan

I lost my wife of 7 years suddenly in October of 2013. I was lost, and deep in grief. I came across Laura’s website.  Laura is a wonderful person who truly cares deeply about her mission in life. The mission of helping others heal through their grief. Within the first two weeks of Laura’s Surviving to Thriving program, I had already seen a transformation in my life. I feel that the True Me has awakened, and I learned about grief, learning it is ok to feel however I feel. I am even taking care of myself and working out!

I can say that Laura’s love for her work, and the people she works with will make you NOT want to give up.  When I started the program I was a lost puppy in an ocean of grief. Now I have a ship that I can sail through this ocean of grief and navigate to any port I choose. This program made me feel alive again, I feel the hope deep inside that I am beginning to Thrive, and I am excited about the future.

– Andrew Regan, Winchester, MA

Susie P.

Where do I begin to tell you about my experience with my personal one on one coach, Laura Jack? I have one more session with Laura and I wouldn’t let it be the last for anything in the world. Here is what Laura has brought to me with her coaching. A totally relaxed attitude that really helps me to see where I am going. She brings a loving nudge, when I need to get up and get going and best of all, a way of masterminding with me that lets my world expand and open up to all sorts of possibilities. I really feel that these possibilities just fall in my lap when we are talking together. The confidence I have gained working with her is really hard to measure. I am on my way and so excited to see my business take off! If anyone is looking for a one on one coach or group coach, I would highly recommend Laura Jack. She is just the one you are looking for the expand your business.

– Susie P., Moorestown, NJ

Allison S.

Laura Jack is terrific! I always feel energized after speaking with her. She’s always great with the perfect re-frame, like a loving smack upside the head–which is what I need! Sometimes it’s so hard to see what’s right in front of you and why having a coach is so beneficial. I really appreciate how uplifting and practical she is with her coaching and somehow knowing that I’d be chatting with her the next week kept me in action and making progress. With that in mind, let’s get the show on the road! I want to make my coach proud because I know it’s really a reflection of me.  Thank you Laura Jack.

– Allison S., Los Angeles, CA

Tracy Rickard

I wanted to send a shout out to my coach Laura Jack! She was absolutely amazing on this journey. Her compassionate nature made me feel really safe to open up and even bring to the surface some deep rooting issues that I came to realize were the exact things that were holding me back from growing my business. I always felt like I was the most important thing to her when she was coaching me. I believe her support and stretch during Core was one of the reason I busted through some of my most major blocks.

– Tracy Rickard

Carrie Jain

Laura Jack is where it’s at!!! Laura is such an amazing coach and person all around! She has such a kind, gentle, yet effective coaching approach to really help you figure out exactly where you are stuck, or to identify your strengths. At the beginning of every session, she reminded us that we are all exactly where we are supposed to be, which always reassured me. Through her voice, you could hear how much passion, kindness, and compassion she has towards each person she coached during each session. She also shared great resources with us and gave me a quote about transition that I will keep in my office and treasure forever. Anyone would be extremely luck to be coached by her. I cannot believe our session are over!! I will miss her very much, but am so grateful we crossed paths and know it was all divinely orchestrated. Thank you, Laura, you have been one of the best blessings in my life!

– Carrie Jain, Los Angeles, CA

Laura Jack is an amazing instructor and human being. It was such an enriching and transformational recovery and learning experience for me and I contribute that equally to the information presented and to Laura’s incredible humanity. The room was clean and conducive to learning. The chairs that were provided were not. In my view, for a four-day learning format, comfortable seating is a must-have.

That was the only aspect of my experience that wasn’t extremely positive. Everything else; the material, Ms. Laura, my fellow students, were beyond exceptional.

Thank you for this method and the wisdom contained within it…it has changed my life in many positive ways and I’m so excited to share the wisdom with others.

I am very grateful. Thank you

– Indianapolis, IN

The Grief Recovery Method training was enlightening and life-changing. I have been looking for certification as a grief counselor literally for years, and this is the only program I found with an experiential component.

Thank you for giving me the tools to provide the services that have been missing in my organization and beyond! Laura Jack was an amazing instructor, and she not only presented the training well, but also seemed really invested in helping us formulate how we would use the resources when we returned to our lives.

– Des Moines, IA

Ginny Williams

I was incredibly satisfied with the training and experience from a personal and professional level. Laura did an excellent job fielding questions and addressing some difficult questions and comments by participants. I felt informed about “next steps” to take with the program and creative ideas and suggestions were provided on the final day of the training and I gained a great deal from that time and knowledge being shared. I am very eager to begin the process of my practice group and moving forward with exploring ways to implement the program on campus where I work and within the community!!

– Ginny Williams, Indianapolis, IN

Debra Van Dyke

I loved the entire experience, and was sorry to have it end! Laura Jack is wonderful, she is a jewel of a girl who led by example. If invited, I would attend as many trainings as she’d let me go to. I find this work and information fascinating! Lastly I’d like to add, prior to coming I hoped that I would get some relief from the pain and loss relating to my father. My best wishes were answered. I feel fantastic. The best I’ve felt in years. So thank you to Laura and the team.

– Debra Van Dyke, Holland, MI

Kimberlee D.

Laura is an exceptional teacher, coach, and presenter. I attended one of her 4-Day Workshops to become a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, and it was a life changing experience. She created and held the space for me to really go deep, and even though I had 3 previous experiences with personally healing and completing relationship using the Grief Recovery Method, I was able to make a new and revealing connection between trauma in the earliest childhood and issues in my relationship with my child. Laura is truly gifted in her ability to impart knowledge in a truly loving, respectful, and non-judgemental way. Both my relationships and clients, will benefit richly.

– Kimberlee D., Indianapolis, IN

Pam Dunn

I am a Clinical Social Worker and Board Certified Life Coach, and recently attended the Grief Recovery Method training in Des Moines, facilitated by Laura. I expected that this was just another training, and in all likelihood, covering information I already knew. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I was quite excited with GRI’s approach to grief counseling/coaching and have already started applying the model with my clients. But what really made this training extraordinary was Laura’s dynamic, engaging and compassionate presence as she skillfully glided through the material and guided each and every one of us on our own personal grief recovery journeys. I have never attended a training where the members (admittedly a small group) became very close, very much like a family, allowing for a safe environment to do our work.  As a Clinician and Life Coach myself, I recognize Laura’s natural ability to join with people to help them on their educational, professional and personal life paths.  Thank you Laura for an unforgettable, life transforming experience!!!

– Pam Dunn, Ames, IA

Patrick White

I was fortunate enough to meet Laura as the facilitator of the Grief Recovery Method certification program in Nashville.  I found her to be an extraordinary teacher, coach, and mentor, who exudes sincere love and authenticity.  Laura has an amazing talent to listen with sincere connection and love.  As each of us shared our questions and comments, Laura listened as though there were only one other person in the room.  Her youth belies her wisdom…her profound wisdom and insights are beyond her years!  As an educator for over 25 years, I was a better teacher when returning to the classroom after my time with Laura.  She helped me focus on what is truly important in the human experience…I was more authentically “me” in my interaction with my students.

By far, my time with Laura was the best professional development experience of my career, although it was also a journey of personal development!

– Patrick White, Nashville, TN

Chris A.

I participated in this program because I have family that have experienced loss before and never really dealt with it, which has turned out badly. I didn’t want to do it that way. When my mom died, I decided I needed some form of therapy to have a better chance of recovery.  This program was brought to my attention and thought this would be a good first step.  I wanted to do it, experience it and refer it to my family. It has been helpful to all of us.”

– Chris A., Capetown, South Africa

Anna O.

If there is any grief counseling to do when someone passing, this is the one to do.  For me, it’s hard to be in a room with others, because it can be too raw.  There is comfort in being in your own home without anyone around.  It was amazing. I have already recommended this class to a few people already including my Dad. We lost my mother and to all my family, I would say definitely do it.  You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain and you will feel taken care of.  Because of the compassion and support, Laura’s experience and her calming visualization exercises, I would encourage anyone to go into it with an open heart and an open mind.

– Anna O., Los Angeles, CA

Angie Cartwright

In the past, I haven’t been able to find a program to recommend that handles the healing aspect of the grieving process with the sensitivity and care that is required…until I started working with Laura.  As a person who has experienced so much loss, from the loss of a loved one to the loss of my health, I left my first session with a smile and hope.  Working with Laura has made me feel better and more empowered!  She has made me feel more comfortable, and with her guidance, I’ve learned the importance that crying AND laughing play in the healing process. I was able to apply the tools she suggested right away. She doesn’t only treat one part of you, she treats it all: mind, body and spirit.  If you need someone to bring healing and empowerment into your life, I highly recommend Laura Jack.

– Angie Cartwright, Salina, Kansas

Kathrine A.

Laura is an intelligent, selfless, amazing woman that takes complete, genuine joy in helping others to reach their full potential as healthy, balanced individuals. She takes great pride in her ability to encourage and support everyone in her life in an honest, gentle way. Her energy and zest for life is infectious. Laura is a beautiful soul that has graced my life with her ability to lead, love, and empower me to believe I can accomplish what before seemed impossible. If you should be so lucky to be supported, guided and loved by this wonderful woman, your life will be forever changed.

– Kathrine A., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Doni Shawn Evans

I attended the grief recovery method 2 day workshop in December, 2015 in Austin Texas under the caring watch of Laura Jack. Words cannot express the joy of being navigated through some very tough moments of life . I appreciated every moment of her time, wisdom and care. I am thankful for her mothers legacy and the fact that we have gained from the deposits and sacrifice of her life.  For 2-1/2 days we were walked through some very difficult moments of grief to realize that it is survivable and possible to complete communications with death and loss. I was most appreciative of the safe people and the safe place. I whole heartedly recommend the two day seminar for those seeking personal tools for the grief journey. I was facing new adventures in my life and as the only guy in the group , it was just what I needed.

– Doni Shawn Evans, Ph.D, Dallas, TX

Laura Ramos

Nervous and anxious – those were my strongest feelings when we gathered to attend the Grief Recovery Method  workshop.  I am not the type to share my deep, personal feelings with others, especially strangers. I am a doer, not someone that needs to talk.  But almost 4 years after my son’s death by suicide, I had found no other way through my pain and was desperate to find a way to move forward. And I found my path forward that weekend.  I am so grateful to Laura Jack for going above and beyond to hold the event in Austin.  It wound up being a life changing weekend for me.

I did read the book prior to the workshop – but walking through the process with others and hearing their stories was vital for me to actually process some of the feelings I had been holding on to for years.  I can honestly say that after the completion of the workshop driving home, I felt lighter in spirit than I had in a very long time. I am so thankful to Laura and the other participants for being so honest and supportive.  I would highly recommend the Grief Recovery Workshop if you are stuck in your grief and want to move forward.  I still get sad, still cry – but I am not stuck in that dark place anymore.

Laura was very supportive and made everyone feel completely at ease.  She has a very unique way of creating a space that allowed us to feel comfortable sharing with her, and with each other.  It almost felt like we created our own little pocket of time that helped us heal.  Laura seemed truly concerned with helping us in learning to overcome our own particular form of grief.  I would definitely work with Laura again and would recommend her services to my friends and family.

– Laura Ramos, San Antonio, TX

Jack Kennington

Laura Jack is a jewel of a person and compassion is a great word to describe her.  She is one of the best at teaching by first listening to others  stories and relating through building relationships. She has a way about her that endears her to people. She is very authentic and open. She too has had grief through loosing her mom suddenly therefore able to relate to grievers. Laura had a huge part in a life changing experience for me and I will be forever grateful.  I would recommend Laura to any person or organization that wants to experience a life change.

– Jack Kennington, Tullahoma, TN

Amy Lewis

A life-changing experience occurred here. With love and compassion I was guided to uncover decades of grief and loss that had been tucked away in the deep recesses of my mind and heart. Then, I was shown a path to deal with these events in a manner allowing me to heal.  I leave with a happy heart, a new outlook and the tools to manage the grief which inevitably befalls each person’s life. My guide on this journey, Laura Jack, was an amazing young woman, wise beyond her years, who emanates love and shares her heart and soul in an effort to heal others.  It was my honor to be in her presence.

– Amy Lewis, Jacksonville, FL

Chandler Raymond

For the past 4 1/2 years I have been trying to process the tragic death of my sister. During all those years I thought that this is how my life would be from now on, full of sadness, anger, confusion, being scared of anything new, living with constant anxiety and feeling like I was about to explode at any minute. I just happened to stumble across Laura’s Yelp page when I was searching for grief therapy for my family and I. Laura responded to my email right away asking if we could talk on the phone. The moment we started talking I felt an immediate connection to her. After I realized that my family wasn’t ready to talk to someone, I decided to take this journey on my own and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself.

Laura is incredibly trustworthy and nonjudgmental. There was never a moment of uneasiness because she welcomed me with open arms and listened to everything I had to say. The program was really beneficial to me because it helped me map out parts of my grief that I wasn’t ready to deal with but once I did, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from me. I’m in a completely different mindset then where I started 8 weeks ago. And I feel like I am finally in a position to start being the person I have wanted to be for so long. It was one of the scariest decisions that I have made for myself in quite a long time, but it was worth every moment.

Thank you for your beautiful soul and the work that you do to heal others.

– Chandler Raymond, Austin, TX

Seth Ewing

I came to Laura knowing that I needed to work through some hard life experiences but wasn’t sure I was ready to face the pain. All worries and walls came down after one day with her, and I don’t think I would of had as good of an experience through my process, or maybe not have even followed through with grieving if she wasn’t my coach. Laura shook up my world and will forever have an impact on the quality of my life through the way she helped me complete the old and embrace the new chapters of my life with optimism and helping me reconnect my mind, emotions, and intuition. Thank you, Laura. Now I shine, too.

– Seth Ewing, Lenexa, KS

Dawn McMillan

Working with Laura has been an extraordinary experience. I look forward to my sessions because I know that it is safe to talk about ANYTHING, and that no matter how weird or hard my week has been,  I will leave the session with a renewed sense of enthusiasm for my life. And the cherry on top, is that I always get some super-practical action step that takes me closer to achieving my goals for myself. It feels SO GOOD to be heard, understood, acknowledged, and motivated!

– Dawn McMillan, Tuscon, AZ

Salona Carlisle

My favorite part of working with Laura was experiencing such a safe and loving container to explore my process with freedom and possibility, which allowed for a much deeper level of trust in the process, awareness and healing. If someone were considering working with her, I would say that she is one of best coaches and guides I have ever experienced.  She brings so much love, care, and presence to the process, which allowed me to open so much more fully than I could have expected. The biggest thing I took away from my time with her was a greater level of awareness, empowerment and acceptance of myself.

– Salona Carlisle, Greenwich, CT

Laura Madden

In the midst of a major life change, feeling very overwhelmed and overloaded, Laura helped me to see the beauty in this (& all) change, and in doing so, helped me to truly see this change as a blessing.  This not only transformed my self-worth & confidence, but also helped me move forward with grace, determination, & drive.  I could understand acceptance in change- rather than to fear it.  This also transferred to all other areas of my life- relationships, career, etc.   This helped decrease stress around many things conjunctively. I highly recommend coaching with Laura, especially for anyone facing a major life change, career transition or a move coaching.

– Laura Madden, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jennifer B.

I don’t know how I would have made it through the sudden and devastating loss of my father, had it not been for Laura. Something she taught me was that every loss is different and everyone experiences loss differently. Even though my loss was uniquely my own, she seemed to know how to help me at every turn. Grief is something that we’re ill-equipped for and after my experience with Laura, I truly believe everyone who is dealing with grief should find themselves a guide to lead them through the darkness. I’d highly recommend Laura to be that guide.

– Jennifer B., Austin, TX

Jacqui Macdonald

Laura is a very special coach.  She has oodles of compassion and is a great listener.  She always knows the right thing to say.  More importantly, she always knows the right question to ask.  She will push you… just enough.  Never so far that it freaks you out, but enough to get you unstuck and moving forward.  I feel very blessed to have Laura as my personal coach.  She has a beautiful heart, and it shines through in everything she does.

– Jacqui Macdonald, London, UK

Blair Johnson

Laura is amazing. She has a gentle yet effective way of focusing in on what you need, what/how you are feeling and then allowing you to open up to realizing what you need to do, how you can do it and that you will be able to do it. I never leave a session without a smile on my face, a bursting heart full of joy and a few “happy tears” thrown in to the mix. Laura is real, kind, thoughtful and a pleasure to work with each time. She has really helped me find my focus and realize where that focus should be to get to my goals. I know I can trust her and that she will give me the action steps I need to be happy, healthy and productive each time.

– Blair Johnson, Houston, TX


I wasn’t sure that I would benefit from Laura’s coaching before I started, but I’m so grateful that I did it anyway. Laura is exceptionally kind, patient, compassionate and insightful. I felt at ease talking to her about difficult things because she truly listened without judgement and she was able to relate to me in a meaningful way. I felt emotionally lighter and stronger after our sessions. My friends and family gave me love and support, but she was able to help me work through my grief at a deeper level, in a way that feels complete.

– C.W., Austin, TX

Holly B.

Looking back, I am so grateful that I had the presence of mind to reach out to Laura when I did. Although I wasn’t coping with grief at the time, I felt that I was struggling to preserve autonomy and space in a life that was becoming increasingly crowded with obligations to my job and family.

I knew that I needed help constructing pathways into a new, brighter, and happier chapter in my life, but really didn’t know how to go about laying the foundation.  Laura’s compassion, encouragement, and “heartwork” exercises forced me to think critically about where I was spending my time and how to build more enriching experiences into my life. I’m glad I had an opportunity to work with her.

– Holly B., Austin, TX

Ari-Amber M.

A few months after my dad passed away, I came across an invite for a tele-seminar. I listened online and by the time the seminar was done, I knew I needed to work with Laura Jack. She’s amazing! I found so much healing from going through her program, gained so much understanding from her knowledge and found support from the group that went through the course with me. I’m so grateful for all the work she does! If you are in need of healing from any kind of loss or grief, I highly recommend working with Laura!

– Ari-Amber M., Puyallup, WA

Jackie V.

My expectations coming in to the workshop were limited. I was looking to feel lighter and less burdened by unresolved conflict and communication in some of my closest, yet most complicated, relationships. I had doubts about going to the training because these people were still alive – was I actually grieving? Would grief recovery help? I wasn’t sure, but Laura assured me it would. The workshop exceeded my expectations. I feel like I truly put the past behind me and was able to let go of resentment, shame, blame, guilt (aka grief!) that I’ve been holding on to for years.

Laura compassionately guided the group through some of the most painful but freeing extrication of our most stagnant emotions. Having her share her story and understand that she went through the same process was comforting and motivating because she is truly as example of what it looks like to thrive. Most importantly, I feel like I left with tools to always choosing “thriving” in my life. I think this workshop should be required for every human. We’re not often taught how to process our emotions as adults and by completing this workshop you’ll learn how to free yourself from the burdensome feelings we can hold on to for years. Whether you lost a loved one or have any unresolved communication with anyone in your life, this workshop is for you.

– Jackie Vecchio, Austin, TX

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