How Do You Deal With Change?

Have you ever gotten a raise, a promotion, a new job, or something else you really wanted?

But when it happened you had feelings of discomfort, confusion, or angst… And then you beat yourself up because you “should” feel good?

The thing is, it’s okay to feel a mixture of emotions… and everyone’s experiences are valid… it is called being human. And change can be uncomfortable, even if the change is good or exciting. 

I am in the midst of this right now, as I am transitioning my business… and while I feel so excited, I also feel scared and nervous.

We often only want to feel the exciting part of milestones, but the truth is that that isn’t real.

Anytime we make changes, like the one I am currently making, it is normal to feel some sense of sadness as a companion to the excitement.

If you judge yourself during change…
1) Pause and take a deep breath.
2) Let go of the “should” and avoid expressions like “first world problems,” as those little words diminish the experience and compare to others… which inevitably leads to despair. 
3) Get curious, why isn’t it okay for me to feel this way?
​​​​​​​4) Give yourself permission to feel.
5) Ta​​​​​​​ke another deep breath.

On a side note: Comparing can be useful when it is done in reflection,  creating perspective and gratitude. ​​​​​​​

So remember, momentous occasions can be a mixture of emotions because they are changes; and changes are grieving experiences. 

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