Feeling Absence on Valentine’s Day?

Ohhh love…

How is it that love is the most beautiful and most painful experience of life?

When we have love, feel love, experience love, it is life giving. When we lose love, it is devastating.

Today is Valentine’s Day, a day that commercially represents love.

​​​​​​​And as beautiful is that day is for some, it can be incredibly painful for others. Whether you have experienced the physical death of your love or the death of your relationship, today can be a painful reminder of love lost.

You may even have a new love, but you still experience the unresolved pain of a past relationship. You are not alone,and it doesn’t have to mean anything about your current relationship.

As you may know, “grief is the conflicting feelings that come at the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behavior.”

Often, when relationships end, one of the most painful parts is the loss of hopes, dreams, and expectations about what your relationship and life were going to be.​​​

So what can you do about it today?

Today, since we can’t change what happened to you and we don’t know what’s going to happen to you, the only thing we can do is be present.

Being present today means starting with what you can control, loving yourself. If loving yourself feel hard, start with being kind to yourself.

Be committed to your healing journey. That starts with self-compassion and treating yourself like you would treat a dear friend.

What is one loving action you can do for yourself today?

Buy yourself flowers? Get a massage? Do something that supports you feeling good. It may even mean that you allow yourself to feel sad today. Believe it or not, letting yourself feel all of your feelings not only helps you move through them, but it is also an act of self-compassion.

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