Does Vacation Have To Be Stressful?

Do you spend half of your vacation worrying about the work that will be piled up when you get home? Unfortunately, this is a common internal battle.

We spend so much of our work time fantasizing about our vacation, and then spend so much of our vacation worrying about work.  

Aaron, Ayla and I have spent the last few weeks in France, and while this has been an incredible trip, travel can be stressful.

In the down time between visiting friends, family and new places, it is easy to get caught up in the “shoulds.” Should I be working more? Should I be checking my email? Should I be on social media? Should I be checking in more? Should I at least be worrying about something or someone?

It is hard to just relax, have fun, and be present. The thing is, life is short. We never know what tomorrow will bring or if there will be a tomorrow, so why not enjoy.

What if we could just be more present wherever we are? That doesn’t mean we can’t plan, it just means making the most of where you are when you are there… or changing it. 

Check out another one of my blogs for the some tips on how to stay present… and remember, even staying present is a practice. 

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