How Deep Loss Can Bring Us Together

Upon our return from a wonderful summer adventure, we were thrown into the thrusts of a critical family situation, as Aaron’s grandpa Bob was dying. We spent our first two days back in and out of the hospital.

While it was really challenging to witness someone you love dying, we felt so fortunate to have the opportunity to support and be supported by Aaron’s amazing family, and have the chance to say good-bye to Grandpa Bob.

Grandpa Bob, often described as a larger than life character, really lived life to its fullest even in his final days. The people whose lives he touched were of varied ages and from all walks of life. To me, that said so much about the kind of guy he was. 

Even though I have lost all of my grandparents, my mom, and several other close friends and family members, this is only the second time I have been given the gift of being there at the end of someone’s life.  

I say it is a gift because death has an amazing way of putting life into perspective. What really matters becomes apparent. 

As we walk through the journey of loss, there is a natural stripping away or dismantling that happens to the soul. ​​​​This is a window of time for deep reflection, re-discovery, and re-prioritization, and we have the chance to become our most authentic, best self because we are suddenly awakened to our lives, and what really matters has a chance to reveal itself.

This age old phenomenon is called post-traumatic growth, and it means growth and transformation through suffering.

The ability to acknowledge our loss and experience our feelings becomes a catalyst to our growth.

We benefit by having a supportive community so we can process our emotions instead of storing them. Aaron’s family did such a beautiful job of really being present during this experience and supporting each other no matter how our grief was showing up.

Grandpa Bob’s death was a tremendous loss for our family, and we will certainly miss him. It was also an opportunity for our family to connect, come together, and honor this amazing human life. 

Please send your thoughts and love to Bob’s wife, children, family, and friends who are certainly missing him . 

For those of you who have also suffered a recent loss, please feel free to download my 7 Days to Thriving eBook here.


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