Have you ever said the "wrong" thing in a sticky situation? Are you ready to have more confidence that you know what to say or do when life gets hard?
Compassion Code Starter Kit
How to say the right thing when the wrong thing happens
This powerful ebook is the perfect "starter kit" to help you begin building your compassion without burning yourself out.
I share valuable tools that will increase your confidence when it comes to communicating with and relating to your friends, family, co-workers, clients, and patients— about loss and life transitions. 
Here's what one reader said about The Compassion Code:

"This little book is an absolute treasure. It has such practical advice for both the griever and for those who want to reach out to others in pain. Laura Jack is wise beyond her years. This is a book I will return to as I journey through life. If everyone were to read this book, the world would be a better place.."
What you'll learn in the Starter Kit:

How to use your innate gift for healing

What to do when you see beyond the facade of someone else’s “I’m fine”

6 ways to upgrade your language in response to challenge or loss

Laura Jack, author of best selling book, The Compassion Code: How to Say the Right Thing When the Wrong Thing Happens, teaches compassionate communication and how we can relate to one another more effectively during the challenging moments in life. Her mission is to cultivate a culture of compassion that promotes connection and prevents burnout.
The Compassion Code is here!