How to Become the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes…

When we experience loss it feels like we have been set on fire. It is so painful and at the onset is shocking and unbelievable.

As we continue to burn the shock wears off and the reality sets in that we are on fire.

It hurts so much that we numb out, hoping that some how we can avoid the painful reality that our world is burning down.

The more we avoid our reality, the longer the burn. The more we pretend it isn’t happening the brighter the flame will grow to remind us that it’s there.

How do you get the flame to go out?

By letting it burn you down. By feeling the pain down to the core of your being.
By letting the pain strip away all of your old beliefs, all of your old ways, and all of your denial.

Once you have acknowledged this pain, the flame will begin to grow dim.

The fire will see that you have surrendered to the pain. You have honored and respected the pain. You have stopped avoiding, numbing, and pretending.

It is then that your rebirth begins.

Once the flame has recognized your surrender and done its job to burn you to the ground, to the very core of your being…

What’s left of you, the ashes, leave us with two choices.

1) You can be ash — grey, soot-like matter that is lifeless and hopeless — just waiting for the breeze to blow it into its next hopefully better reality.

2) You can take a step back and see your ash for what it is … an opportunity.

Seeing that ash is the most fertile place for growth — you can plant seeds and take baby steps to rebuild and grow, but in a whole new way.

You have to water and nurture the seeds in the ashes, but when you do what grows there will be astounding.

You will never wish to be what you were because you know you can’t go back.

Instead you will look fondly upon that time as a time before…

A time before your life hit the reset button.

The new version of your life may have some of the same characters, places and activities, but you… you are different.

And when you acknowledge what you have been through and allow yourself to grow through the pain — you will rediscover your light after loss.

A new beginning and a new you who you never even knew was possible.

If you are burning, don’t run away from the pain.

Embrace it. Acknowledge it.

The journey ahead will not be easy, but it will be worth it.

You can be the phoenix rising from the ashes.

Just don’t give up hope.

And know that you are not alone.

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