Are you awake or sleep walking through life?

Imagine for a moment that you are told that you only have a few moments to live?

The people of Hawaii were faced with this reality the other day when they were told that a ballistic missile was headed toward their beautiful island paradise. For 38 minutes there was likely a lot of fear, chaos, and love.


Yes, love.

When we are faced with our mortality, we can become awake to our lives. 

Do you think anyone was thinking about their mortgage, their credit card bills, or their car? Would you?

Doubtful. Most likely, everyone was thinking about first, surviving, and second, their relationships. Saying good-bye to the people who they love may have been a priority, and perhaps even a few apologies were made.

Once the people of Hawaii realized that it was a false alarm, and that they weren’t under attack… the personal AWAKENING began.

When we are faced with loss or our own mortality, there is a natural stripping away or dismantling that happens to the soul. It is a window of time for deep reflection, re-discovery, and re-prioritization, where we have the chance to become our most authentic, best self.

We are suddenly awakened to our lives, and what really matters has a chance to reveal itself.

Should I keep the job the I hate? Do I want to stay in a loveless marriage? Is it worth it to be estranged from my parents?
​​​​​​Do I want t​o keep living in fear or do I want to follow my heart?

These are the questions we begin asking ourselves when we realize that life is not forever.

So,​​​​​​ how do you want to spend this one precious life of yours?

​​​​​​​While survival is imperative, at some point you may decide you want more. How can you choose thriving?
Will you stay awake to what matters most and live with more love and compassion? Or will you sleep walk through life until it shakes you AWAKE again?

What does it look like when you are awake to life?

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