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 Is compassion one of your core values as an organization, but implementing it in your leadership and communication is unfamiliar and confusing? The good news is compassion is a learnable skill that can be fostered and improved, and we're here to help!

As a Compassionate Leadership Coach, International Best Selling Author, and Speaker, Laura Jack trains community and organizational leaders in compassionate communication and how we can relate to one another more effectively during the challenging moments in life. 

She specializes in building authentic relationships so you can live and lead with purpose, connection, and compassion.


Who This Can Help



Are you a Teacher, School Counselor, Administrator, or Educational Leader?

And you want to incorporate the core value of compassionate communicaton so you can lead by example for your school, district, and community in a way that inspires connection, loyalty, and longevity.

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Are you a Health Care or Emergency Medical Service Provider?

And you want to learn how to improve care and leadership by listening and responding with compassion (without burnout), even when you are helping people through the worst of times.


Are you a team leader who provides customer, client, or patient care?

And you want to build a compassionate work culture by navigating emotional conversations (workplace drama, personal hardship, decision making and delegation, etc.) more easily, confidently and effectively without compassion fatigue.


Are you a leader of an organization or corporation who values your company culture?

And you want to create cohesive, effective, and compassionate engagement with your employees, co-workers, and clients through inevitable changes that occur during reorganizations, mergers, inner-office turmoil, and an ever-evolving workplace.

 What Our Participants Are Saying


“It was an honor and a privilege to be trained by Laura Jack and here’s why... highly competent, deeply compassionate and intuitive, amazingly articulate, extremely knowledgeable, authentically interested and invested in each person and their journey and learning, committed to high quality training, devoted to her discipline... and she has a great sense of humor and is very personable.”
— Dayde M., Kirkland, WA
There are some people who are “good” at what they do and are effective at teaching a process; then there are those who are “gifted” in what they do and guide you beautifully through an experience. Laura has a very natural and intuitive ability to delve as deep as individuals are prepared to go. Sometimes you pay for prestige, sometimes for a label/title - sometimes, as in Laura’s case, you pay for the kind of quality that makes you feel fortunate to have discovered it. Going forward, I am excited to have uncovered a renewed sense of purpose. Thank you Laura for sharing your gift in an area where it is truly needed - the heart.”
— Shannon Tuimaleliifano, Land O Lakes, FL
“One of the most educational and heart-felt trainings I have ever attended. To now be equipped with specific effective skills to transform relationships is a true gift. Laura presents material in an interactive and easy to follow format. Her compassion is present in every lesson she teaches, and her story is simply inspirational.”
— Trish Magnotta, Ocean, NJ

I’m Laura Jack

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Ever wish you knew exactly what to say in challenging situtations?  

If you’re like many people, your heart desires to be compassionate, yet your head may simply not possess the blueprint for saying those right words at the right time. After all, we’re a product of our upbringing and societal norms, and we’re not necessarily taught precisely what living compassionately looks like.  

After losing my mother in a tragic accident, I witnessed firsthand how we experience grief differently, and also felt how individuals responded uniquely to our grief. I became a keen observer of opportunities to operate with more compassion, and went on to become a Trainer for The Grief Recovery Institute and eventually write my internationally best-selling book, The Compassion Code: How to Say the Right Thing When the Wrong Thing Happens.  

My mission is to create a culture of compassion, starting with self, and I teach organizational, community, and family leaders how we can relate to one another more effectively during the challenging moments in life. In my Compassionate Leadership Trainings I share my best tools and resources to help you become even more compassionate with your co-workers, clients, patients, employees, friends, family, partner,- and even yourself - without burning out.

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Begin Building Your Daily Compassion Practice Without Burnout

Check out my best-selling book The Compassion Code: How to say the right thing when the wrong thing happens and the FREE Audio Companion