Compassion Code Starter Kit

My best tools and resources to help you be even more compassionate about loss, grief and other challenges that arise when you are a human being

7 Days to Thriving 

Rediscover your light after loss with 7 days of simple healing techniques to incorporate into everyday life.

ABCs Video Training Series

A simple 4 part video series to help you begin rediscovering your light after loss


Grief Recovery E-Book

61 tips on the experience of grief on how to help people through it

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Enjoy articles on living a more compassionate life and rediscovering your light after loss on this popular blog and news site.

Laura’s Favorite Reads

Move beyond the pain of your loss with these wonderful books that have greatly improved my life.

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Hop over to my YouTube channel for a better understanding of loss, its accompanying grief, and a more compassionate way of life.


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